We perform direct interpretation during courses and training that are conducted by organizations or training centers, whatever the duration is (one day or even several weeks), we also translate the training materials, brochures, educational videos, audio files, etc.

Our team includes a group of translators classified as the first row in the field of simultaneous translation at the level of Turkey in the translation of conferences and television broadcasting, as well as in translation on electronic platforms such as the zoom platform and others. Furthermore, we provide the possibility of simultaneous translation in several languages ​​at the same time, in addition to the possibility of providing the necessary equipment and equipment for simultaneous translation from headphones, microphones, and so on.

Exhibitions generally attract a large number of visitors from different nationalities. We Translate understands your business needs and works hard to meet the needs of companies and commercial events that participate in exhibitions in providing translators, no matter how large the number is and at competitive prices.

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